Cyclamen persia - Personalized Persian Cyclamen Care: Water, Light, Nutrients

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Persia cyclamen Cyclamen: Plant

Persia cyclamen Fragrant Florist

Cyclamen: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Persia cyclamen Cyclamen Care:

Persia cyclamen The Persian

Cyclamen (Alpine Violet, Cyclamen, Persian Violet, Sowbread, Woodland Cyclamen)

Persia cyclamen Cyclamen, Ciclamino

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Persia cyclamen Cyclamen Care:

Cyclamen persicum (Persian Cyclamen)

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Cyclamen Care: How To Take Care Of Cyclamen Plants

Persia cyclamen Drooping Cyclamen

Cyclamen: Plant Care & Growing Guide


  • If you let it dry out, it will go dormant! Common Problems• Dioscorides suggested its use also as a purgative, antitoxin, skin cleanser, and labor-inducer.

  • Place it less than 3 feet from a south-facing window to maximize the potential for growth.

  • In nature, cyclamens grow in cool, humid environments.

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